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    Cross Race Fever

    Cross Race Fever

    Course design is coming along for the First Annual East Orlando Cross Fest, coming up on November 12&13 at Lake Rise Action Sports Park. JP Russo (JPR Sports) is helping us with stakes and extra barriers. Monday at 10am is our first course setup meeting, at the park (903 Ponchos Lane in between Bithlo and […]

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    KBS Team Tent

    Trails to Trails

    Author John Tenney shares his experience of a recent dual discipline cycling event known as “Trails to Trails” where mountain biking and road cycling are combined in to one race. Before this year, I had never heard of Trails to Trails. Our team now has a strong popular mountain bike division though, so more of […]

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    Rider Profile:  Ryan Seebeck

    Rider Profile: Ryan Seebeck

    Today we feature one of our”young guns”. Ryan joined us this year after riding with Winter Springs Cycling for a year. ORR: Ryan please tell us how you got started in racing. I used to do a lot of running events and bought a bike for triathlons. I realized I like cycling more and sort […]

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    Ride Report:  2016 Cross Florida

    Ride Report: 2016 Cross Florida

    Our “Adminator” and “Grand Poobah” John Will Tenney gives his account of the 2016 Cross Florida Ride. It was deja vu. Last year all over again. Climbing in to “Duncan’s” Ford pickup truck with Darren Hill and our bikes in the back. Fearing for my life as Duncan insisted on looking directly at me in […]

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    Rider Profile:  Brooke Botterill

    Rider Profile: Brooke Botterill

    Today your author is pleased to be joined by one of our KBS Katz, Miss Brooke Botterill. Brooke is a cat 4 in the 35 year old racing group. She hails from Baltimore, MD. She has a masters degree in Environmental Biology and is a staff scientist at E Sciences, an environmental engineering firm in […]

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    Rider Profile:  Pat Jennings

    Rider Profile: Pat Jennings

    Today we feature one of our most “senior” riders. We’ve been proud to have Pat Jennings on our team since 2013. In 2015, when ORR transitioned over to Team Kyle’s Bike Shop, Pat was glad to come along and has been a valuable contributor ever since. He is primarily a time trialist, that is, he […]

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