Team KBS 2017 Year in Review

Team KBS 2017 Year in Review
Team KBS 2017 Year in Review

The following is a reprint of an article from our USA Cycling team’s website: Team Kyle’s Bike Shop.

Team Kyle’s Bike Shop competes in many disciplines within the cycling world. In its inception, the team was primarily interested in road cycling. Now we have expanded to include mountain bike, cyclocross, BMX, and even track disciplines.

2017 was a banner year for us in all categories. Here is a summary of our accomplishments as a team in 2017.


Road includes road races, criteriums, time trials and century (or other endurance) rides.

By far our most popular road discipline is time trials. This is where riders race the clock as they are released along a preset course at intervals, and do not benefit from drafting other riders. It is also known as “The Race of Truth.”

Alex. Michael and Wayne Keller: Eddy Merckx podium, Airport TT

Time Trials:
Taking place next to Orlando International Airport on Heintzelman Blvd
Airport TT:
John Tenney – 1st Fixed Gear
Sean Webber – 2nd Fixed Gear
Darren Hill – 3rd Fixed Gear
Brooke Botterill – 1st Women overall
Christy Markel – 2nd Women overall
Michael Sarricchio – 1st Eddy Merckx
Alex Carmona – 2nd Eddy Merckx
Luis Lora – 4th Eddy Merckx
James Scianimanico – 3rd Masters 50+
Kyle Markel – 3rd Men Open
Team KBS – 1st team overall
(we pretty much dominated the Airport TT)

Kyle, Brad and Ryan with their medals at the MLK day TT in 2017

Holiday Monday 20K/40K TT.
This is a popular, annual series taking part in a remote area (Deer Park Road in St. Cloud):
John Tenney – 1st Fixed Gear 40K
Brad Whidden – 1st Eddy Merckx 40K
Thomas McNeill – 2nd Eddy Merckx 40K
Michael Sarricchio – 3rd Eddy Merckx 40K
Kyle Markel – 4th Eddy Merckx 40K
Geoffrey Geddes – 1st Eddy Merckx 20K
Christy Markel – 3rd Women 40K
Ryan Seebeck – 4th Men 40K
Kyle Markel – 5th Men 40K
James Scianimanico – 2nd M50+ 20K
(we seem to do well at this event as well)

Road racing:
State Championship: Tyler Junkins – 2017 State Champ age 17-18

Endurance rides:
Sebring 24 hour race: Dave Brillhart, 425 miles
Cross Florida Ride: Dave Brillhart, Tom Elbel, Darren Hill, approx 8 hours. John Tenney, Michael Sarricchio, under 11 hours
Road Titans 300: Alex Carmona, Brooke Botterill
JHOP 100: Tyler Junkins, 4th overall
JHOP 75: Julie McKenzie 1st woman, in top 10 overall.
Hoodoo 500: Dave Brillhart (on podium)
El Lagarto MB race: Dave Brillhart (podium)

Mountain Bike

The KBS off road bike team did well in the Florida series. There are some excellent off road trails in our state.

The team also attend the Florida Endurance series spanning 3,6, and 12 hours, as well as the Florida State Championship series (FSC). More than a dozen member s joined relay teams and several solo efforts.

J Del Valle, 2nd place overall FSC

Results from team members:
J Del Valle: 2nd Overall FLE series
David Junkins: 1st at Carter Road FSC Cat 3 age 50-59
Mark Audette: upgraded to Cat 2 and finished 8th overall in FSC


KBS always has a good showing in the FLCX point series, and this year we did well at the state championship as well:

State podiums:
Nicole Blessing: 1st Women cat 4/5
Mark Chandler: 4th Men Pro 1/2

Nicole Blessing, FLCX women cat 4/5 champ

State Points Series:
John Tenney: 1st Men Pro 1/2
Mark Chandler: 4th Men Pro 1/2
Nicole Blessing: 1st Women cat 4/5
Nicole Blessing: 4th Women cat 1/2/3
Tyler Junkins: 8th Single Speed
Tyler Junkins: 6th Men Cat 3
The team finished 5th overall in Team Standings

WAR Series:
John Tenney: 1st Men Pro 1/2
Mark Chandler: 3rd Men Pro 1/2
Nicole Blessing: 1st Women cat 4/5
Ray Blessing: 1st Men cat 5


One of our board members, James Scianimanico, entered in several BMX races this year and got quite a few podiums

John Tenney set, and still holds the Florida 1 hour track record (May13, 2017)


John Tenney set (and held) the state record for one hour on the track on May 13th. The record still stands as of January 16th, 2018.

Michael Sarricchio captured at Airport TT by Wayne Keller

Composite of several MTB team podiums

Kyle Markel finishing our one rainy airport TT. Photo by Wayne Keller

James Scianimanico, in his championship skin suit, emptying the growler after the rainy TT. Photo by Wayne Keller

The rain survivors after the Airport TT in July. Photo by Wayne Keller