5k Running Clinic

5k Running Clinic

brockrun5k Running Clinic – June 8th – 8:00am

On Saturday at 8:00am, I’ll be hosting a running clinic at the Waterford Lakes Walking Track on Mark Twain Blvd, across from the pool and tennis courts.  We’ll meet at the gazebo, located at the northwest corner of the track. Parking is available in the pool parking lot, and also in the overflow parking lot behind the pre-school.

The main focus of the clinic will be:

1) Why form is critical to running

2) How to review and monitor your own form

3) How to train for a 5k

4) How to prep for a 5k

There will be a good bit of discussion time, so bring your questions as well as be ready to run.  I will help review anyone’s form that wants it, and provide feedback on changes to make that would benefit their running.

About Me: I’m a local triathlete who did Ironman Texas this year.  I have a 19:15 5k PR, a 1:36 1/2 marathon PR, and a 3:36 full marathon PR.  I am *not* a certified personal coach or trainer – I do this because I love it 😀



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  1. The clinic was a lot of fun today. I got to work with Kathleen a good bit.

    We’ll be doing this again next week!