Club Rewards

Club Rewards

We hope to inspire our runners and riders to achieve great things. So, we present the annual club rewards program. Initially this will be for cycling and multi-sport only. We hope to add a running section if we can find a sponsor.

Who is Eligible?

There are two ways to be eligible:

One, be a dues paying member of the club, and/or
Two, be a USA Cycling member on our team (Team Kyle’s Bike Shop).

You must also join the Orlando Runners and Riders Strava group and post your rides on

Why are we doing this?

We want to see you, our club members, riding or competing in organized rides, races, multi-sport events and other similar activities, wearing “our colors.” This promotes the club, and our sponsors. Right now, there are two approved “kits” – The KBS team kit and the CFL TT kit.

This is the CFL TT kit (in skin suit form. There are also standard bib jersey combos and speed suit versions.)

This is Dave B in the 2017 KBS kit. Great example of a good “hashtag shot” – Points of interest count as well as organized rides and races.

What do we do?

1: Post your ride on Strava
2: Post a picture on social media with the sponsor hashtags, and the program hashtag: “#IWoreMyKitToday”. Note: Make sure the sponsors you tagged are in the photo! Don’t tag a bike maker if you aren’t riding their bike, for example.
3: Post it on your Facebook wall as well, please. Most of our sponsors are very active on Facebook. Instagram is also in use by many of them.
Facebook @ sign tags that are required:
@Orlando Runners and Riders (this is for tracking)
@Kyle’s Bike Shop
Sponsor Tags (notice the @ signs)
@Giant Bicycles
@Kask Cycling
@Cat One Fitness

When is this effective?

We are going to try and track rides retroactively to Jan 2017, but we will start posting the list on May 1.
At the last meeting of the year (which may be in January of the following year depending on schedules) we will announce all level awards and winners.

What are the levels and How do we hit them?

We will start with the following levels (subject to change).

  • Huffy Cast Iron: Joined the team and/or paid club dues
  • Aluminum: Posted pics of four events with hashtags
  • Carbon Fiber: Posted pics of eight events with hashtags
  • Titanium: Posted pics of twelve events with hashtags

There will also be some other awards TBD, but we are kicking around ideas like “#KBSPodium Award”, “5000 miles in a year”, “10,000 feet of climb in a single ride”, or maybe even “150 miles in one day” – things like that.

Your input is appreciated. If you can think of a good award, or if you know someone would like to sponsor one, please contact us using the form below.

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