Terra Cycle Recycling

We are engaged in the Terra Cycle recycling program to raise money for the club.

We will be using the funds to donate to our charities as well as fund club activities. These charities include: The Sean Ashman Foundation, Legal Defense Fund and the Inmate Trust Fund.

Two types of TRASH we are collecting:
Energy Bar Brigade accepted waste: foil lined energy bar wrappers, foil lined granola bar wrappers, foil lined meal replacement bar wrappers, foil lined protein bar wrappers, foil lined diet bar wrappers. Clif SHOT wrappers, Clif Twisted Fruit Wrappers, Clif Roks Wrappers, Clif Bloks Wrappers, Clif Gels Wrappers.

Ink and Toner Brigade – used ink and toner cartridges from your printer.

If you want to help out, we suggest printing the poster shown below, and post it somewhere in your office or facility with a box or plastic bag underneath it.

We’ve been printing the poster and either hanging a box, or a plastic bag below it. Here is a picture of one of our best contributors so far: Chantel Banks.

A great way to raise money for charity

A great way to raise money for charity

Pick up and Drop off
We are looking for volunteers to go out and pick up items, but in the meantime, if you could please drop off your collections at any of the following locations:

The Tenney Residence
Bike Works East Colonial
Nutrishop Orlando

Alternatively, bring your collections to a ride but please prearrange that so we have a way to get it home 🙂

Remember to tell people – “I give a wrap!” We’ve been seeing this on Facebook statuses 🙂


Cash for Trash

Cash for Trash