Why Become a Member

Why Become a Member

“Membership has its Privileges.”

Heard that before?

We have three levels of membership:

  • Leadership
  • Full Family
  • Social

Leadership Level

The Leadership members have committed to growing the club, providing leadership and funding if necessary for the following missions:

  • Supporting our charities
  • Volunteering at races and other functions
  • Leading rides
  • Attending open marketing events
  • … and more

Leadership members commit to $30/year dues, with $1 reduced for each hour volunteered as a helper or leader in the above categories. Leadership members are selected, or elected, from the Full Family membership group.

Full Family Level

Full Family annual dues are currently $30, and our member “year” runs from July 1 to June 30 of the next year. To apply for membership please go to this page. They may also trade one hour served for the club or its charities for $1 in dues.

The entire family receives the benefit of membership, and may contribute to the volunteer hours cumulatively.

Social Level

We do not require club membership to participate in our weekly rides, runs and other training events. We do however, require a waiver to participate in certain events. Ask the event leader for more information

Social members do not receive “perks”.


There are “perks” available only to Leadership and Full Family members. They include the list below

  • Special purchases with sponsors, such as

    and others

  • Discounts for sponsor services including: EmployerNomics, and Raymond James Orlando
  • Invitation to catered end of year party
  • Eligibility for club contests, trophies and awards
  • Two free entries to our USA Cycling Time Trial series
  • Personal coaching and training (if available) from our excellent coaches

Other benefits are being added on a regular basis. List shown effective August 26, 2019