Airport Time Trial Report

Airport Time Trial Report
Airport Time Trial Report

Our third Airport Time Trial is coming up on August 15th.

The weather should cooperate for this one. The last one, not so much. However, we got some great coverage about our bravery for racing in the rain.

One of our riders, Wayne Keller, wrote up a great article about us.

Here is an excerpt:
““Into this house we’re born, into this world we’re thrown”…. Riders on the Storm indeed. On July 18, 2017, Orlando Riders and Runners presented number two in the Central Florida Time Trial bicycle racing series under tempestuous turbulence and seething stratocumulous squalls.

These events draw an incredibly diverse pool of participants of all abilities, all ages with the common goal of just riding a bike as hard as they can and having fun doing it…. it reflects the uproarious local cyclocross crowd in many regards… minus the flammable handups.
No Stealth Bomber bikes required, there are divisions designed to accommodate every rider and type of bicycle. Local bike shop owner, supporter of this event and darn cool cat, Kyle Markel of Kyle’s Bike Shop sporting a Xenomorph helmet and burning through the last match in the final few meters of the Open Division.

The divisions are: 18-49 age group, bike type (Eddy Merckx, Fixie and open), Female, Masters 50+, Junior, and Pararider.

The Eddy Merckx Division is, simply, a regular bike and non-pointy helmet (full rules are here ). “If you have to ask it probably isn’t allowed”. Alternatively, Open Division can use sleek, slippery, wind warrior, pedaling projectiles rivaling the Stealth Bomber (as seen in the top video of Mike Griffin) and any assortment of aerodynamic accoutrement.”

Make sure you click the link to see all the great pictures and the rest of the text!