Airport Time Trial Series

As of June 2017, we will be taking over the airport time trial series, as Topview Sports moves on to bigger and better things. The schedule this year is as follows:

June 20
July 18
August 15
September 19
October 17

All races will start at 7pm. The registration tent will be open approximately at 6pm, on Weatherbee Road. Due to parking issues at the north end of Heintzelman, this event now starts and finishes at the south end, the intersection of Weatherbee and the blvd.

2017 Event Flier

Rules are the same as for the CFL TT Series. There will be no medals given out until the end of the series, but sponsors may supply awards for individual races. KBS has been good about giving out “Kyle Bucks” and water bottles for example.

Divisions: 18-49 age group, bike types (Eddy Merckx and open), Male/Female, Masters 50+, Junior, pararider. NO CATEGORIES

Reminders: Bring at least a taillight, and consider a headlight as well. APPROVED HELMETS ARE REQUIRED

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