Airport Time Trial Series

Airport Time Trial Series

In 2018 we resume the Airport Time Trial Series.

This is a very popular series often getting 40 or more riders in attendance. It is held on Heintzelmann Blvd, near the Orlando International Airport. We start at the south end, parking on Weatherbee Road, and starting and finishing there.

The course is 6.94 miles long. It is a USA Cycling event so a license is required, however you can get a one day license on site for only $10. The entry fee for the race is $15 in advance or $20 after pre-registration closes (including on site.)

The scheduled dates (aiming for third Tuesday of each month) for 2018 are:

Feb 20
Mar 20
Apr 17
May 15
Jun 19
Jul 17
Aug 21
Sep 18
Oct 16

The registration desk will open on site (Weatherbee Road and Heintzelmann Blvd) at 6pm. The first rider will go off at 7pm with either 30 seconds or 1 minute increments, depending on turnout. Timing is done to the nearest second using an app on our phones. Chips would be just too expensive. To keep your timing accurate we suggest you also run a timing device that maintains a file (like a Garmin .FIT file) to verify if we need it.

Approved helmets are required. Lights, both front and rear are also required. This is Florida Law. It may be daylight when you start, but in the early months it will most likely be after sunset when the later riders finish. In the summer months we may lift this requirement but bring them anyway, just in case. Many people go for a social ride after the race, before heading off to Ocean Sun for a brew.

The categories for the Airport TT are:

Juniors (all)
Women (all)
Men 19-49 OPEN
Men Masters 50+
Eddy Merckx (all)
Fixed Gear (all)

There are medals (and maybe trophies) awarded at the end of the season. Each race may have sponsor awards (Kyle bucks, Natalie’s Juice, etc) but that is up to the sponsors. Following the Oct 16 race we will immediately retire to Ocean Sun Brewing for the Awards Banquet where final totals will be tallied and awards handed out.

All points accrued during the Airport TTs will go towards the CFL TT overall series. The categories are different there, so check that page.

The official flier for the 2018 Airport Time Trial series

method of payment
bike type
age group

As of June 2017, we took over the airport time trial series, as Topview Sports moves on to bigger and better things. We are grateful to Tim Molyneaux for his help with this transition.

2017 Event Flier

Rules are the same as for the CFL TT Series. There will be no medals given out until the end of the series, but sponsors may supply awards for individual races. KBS has been good about giving out “Kyle Bucks” and water bottles for example.

Divisions: 18-49 age group, bike types (Eddy Merckx, Fixed Gear, Special and TT), Male/Female, Masters 50+, Junior, pararider. NO CATEGORIES

Reminders: Bring at least a taillight, and consider a headlight as well. APPROVED HELMETS ARE REQUIRED