Sunday Charity Time Trial Series

Sunday Charity Time Trial Series

Brumley-Curryville 20K Time Trial

Unfortunately we had difficulties with a resident on one of the roads and we do not feel it is safe to put on an event this year. The event has been cancelled.


Approved helmets are required. All USA Cycling rules apply.

Eddy Merckx Rules
The basic rule is if you have to ask, it’s not allowed. Wheels must be a maximum of 50mm in depth. No solid discs allowed. No aero bars allowed, either standard or clip on. If a helmet is advertised as an aero helmet it is not allowed. No skin suits allowed. A jersey / shirt is required. No shoe covers are allowed. Hybrid helmets may be permitted as long as they provide sufficient cooling ports. No face shields permitted.

Post Season Awards

There are medals (and maybe trophies) awarded at the end of the season. Each race may have sponsor awards (Kyle bucks, Beer cards, etc) but that is up to the sponsors. Awards will be presented after the last race of the season.