Annual Time Trial Series

Charity Classic TT Close FinishAll are invited to join us for our open Time Trial Series, and all others please inquire about an invitation for our “Invitational” series.

See also our Time Trial Facebook group for further details.

All of our time trial events benefit charities. A substantial portion of your entry fee is donated to one or more of the following charities:
Cure on Wheels
Harvest Field Ministries
Amateur Athlete Assistance
Ride Across America (Hope for the Warriors)
The Sean Ashman Foundation
Osceola Sheriff’s Adventure Camp

The percentage varies, but it is at least 50% of what is left after the event expenses are paid. The remainder (if any) goes to the club fund which is used for other club expenses.

2015 CFL Time Trials Holiday Monday Series
Along with our new partners at Kyle’s Bike Shop we are holding a six race series on Deer Park Road in St. Cloud. Course length is 40K (24.8 miles) with options for 20K for older juniors, certain female categories, Masters 60+ and Parariders. This is the venue for the Florida State Time Trial being held in May (we’ll also be working on that one.) We had a few events there last year to get comfortable with the course.

The dates are the following Holiday Mondays:
Jan 19: Martin Luther King Day
Feb 16: President’s Day (first attempt at Team TT)
May 25: Memorial Day
Jul 6: Independence Day
Sep 7: Labor Day (FBRA BAR/BAT series points race – with Team TT)
Oct 12: Columbus Day

We are pleased to announce that our Labor Day race, the Fourth Annual Cowbell Classic, has been chosen as a points race in the FBRA BAR/BAT competition. This is quite an honor, especially for a club as young as ours.

Our Labor Day race will be one of the points events in the Best All-around Rider / Best All-around Team competition (BAR/BAT) being put on by FBRA

Our Labor Day race will be one of the points events in the Best All-around Rider / Best All-around Team competition (BAR/BAT) being put on by FBRA

Daily Schedule (subject to change: Watch our Facebook Group for updates)
7:00 am Registration opens
approx 9:00 am First rider leaves (may be earlier. Please be ready by 8:30am)
11:00 am Podiums, prizes, etc

This is a USA Cycling Event and you may preregister on their website or use the form at the bottom of this page. Entry is $20 in advance, $25 day of the event. You may also register for 3 or more races at $15/each. You may use the PayPal button to the right to pay, or you may send a check to:
Orlando Runners and Riders
13738 Crystal River Drive
Orlando, FL 32828
You may also use “PayPal direct” to johnwill(remove this for spam)

Updated Holiday Monday TT flier as of 2015-06-18

Updated Hloiday Monday TT flier as of 2015-06-18

Club Invitational Events
These are private, invitational only events that are often held on holidays, such as Black Friday and between Christmas and New Years. Others may be held at various times.

Some of these races are free, but we will have optional raffle tickets (via donation). All may race but to be eligible for prizes, the minimum donation is $20. Riders also get an additional ticket for each rider they beat in their class. This gives all riders a chance to win a prize, weighted based upon their performance.

Invitations to closed events are sent via our Time Trial Facebook group. If you or your group are interested in an invitation to any of these events, please join the group or Contact Us with information about you or your group.

General Club Racing Rules
All riders must wear an approved helmet. All riders must agree to and sign a general release. Junior riders must have parents or legal guardians present who must also agree to and sign the general release.

All bikes must be in good working order. All bikes must be equipped with at least one friction brake. Any modifications made to bikes deemed by the officials to be unsafe or grant an unfair advantage are prohibited.

Racers will be given a starting time. In most cases starting interval will be one minute, but may be shortened to 30 seconds for large fields. Racers are required to start at their prescribed starting time. If they miss their starting slot the officials have the option of rescheduling the starting slot or keeping the prescribed start time.

For Eddy Merckx class: The basic rule is if you have to ask, it’s not allowed. Wheels must be a maximum of 50mm in depth. No solid discs allowed. No aero bars allowed, either standard or clip on. If a helmet is advertised as an aero helmet it is not allowed. No skin suits, speed suits or tri suits allowed. A jersey / shirt is required. No shoe covers are allowed. Hybrid helmets may be permitted as long as they provide sufficient cooling ports. No face shields permitted.

Past Event News

2014 Black Friday KOM Time Trial Championship
The Second Annual Black Friday KOM TT (Central Florida Time Trial KOM Championship) was on November 28th. This 8.8 mile event was held in Clermont, starting and finishing in front of Fenstad’s at 20449 Sugarloaf Mountain Road. This hilly course features a final climb up Sugarloaf Mountain Road, which for Florida, is pretty tough, rising 200′ in about a half mile.

2014 KOM TT Results

2014 KOM TT Results

Third Annual Cowbell Classic results.  40K race on September 1, 2014

Third Annual Cowbell Classic results. 40K race on September 1, 2014

2014 Charity Classic Results

2014 Charity Classic Results

2013 2nd Annual Cowbell Classic Results

2013 2nd Annual Cowbell Classic Results

2012 Results for the First Annual Cowbell Classic

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