Time Trial Series

Charity Classic TT Close FinishAll are invited to join us for our open Time Trial Series, and all others please inquire about an invitation for our “Invitational” series.

Club Invitational Events
These are private, invitational only events that are often held on holidays, such as Memorial Day, Labor Day, Black Friday, and between Christmas and New Years. Others may be held at various times. The Labor Day race is a special Championship event called the “Cowbell Classic”.

Some of these races are free, but we will have optional raffle tickets (via donation). All may race but to be eligible for prizes, the minimum donation is $20. Riders also get an additional ticket for each rider they beat in their class. This gives all riders a chance to win a prize, weighted based upon their performance.

Invitations to closed events are sent via our Time Trial Facebook group. If you or your group are interested in an invitation to any of these events, please join the group or Contact Us with information about you or your group.

2014 Central Florida Time Trial Championship Series
Coming up, the Third Annual Labor Day “Cowbell Classic” Central Florida Time Trial Championship (September 1st). This 40K event will be held on Deer Park Road, between Nova Road and Hwy 192. Start/Finish will be at the south end. This is an open, USA Cycling event.

Entry fee is $25 per rider.

See also our Time Trial Facebook group for further details. You may use the form at the bottom of this page to apply as well.

Course layout for Cowbell Classic on September 1, 2014

Course layout for Cowbell Classic on September 1, 2014

2014 USA Cycling series
As of now, this open series of races are USA Cycling sanctioned events. Times are kept with a phone/tablet app and a video camera. Classes: Pro 1-2, Cat 1-3, Cat 4-5, W 1-3, W 4-5, Masters 35+, 50+, 60+ (will combine last two if necessary), Special classes (Paralympics, hand trikes, recumbent, Pink Huffy Challenge*), Eddy Merkcx class.

The Time Trials are currently held on Innovation Way. Times will be kept and standings will be posted. Any class that has 5 or more riders gets medals. 10 or more, cash prizes.

Entry fee is $15 for USA Cycling members. One Day licenses are available for an additional $15. An annual license is $70.

Latest updates will be posted on the Facebook Group for Central Florida Cycling Time Trials

*Pink Huffy Challenge. Any rider bringing a genuine Pink Huffy to the race will be eligible for cash prizes. All net proceeds from the Pink Huffy Challenge will be donated to one of our charities. This race was started by Rory Trumbore, who we hope comes back to race with us soon.

Directions: Travel south on Innovation way, stay on Monument Parkway (you have no choice really). Go past the 528 exits. At this point the road is called International Corporate Parkway. Park at the 90 degree turn on the right. You may also park on the south side but please do not block the gate to the entrance

9.4 mile Innovation Way route

9.4 mile Innovation Way route

of the OUC private road.

Upcoming Schedule and Courses (check Facebook Group for latest updates)

All races: Registration is complete by 6:30pm. First rider goes out at 7pm
2014 Season:
March 11th and 25th
April 15th and 22nd
May 6th and 20th
June 10th and 24th
July 8th and 22nd
August 12th and 26th
September 9th and 23rd

October 21st and 28th

General Rules
All riders must wear an approved helmet. All riders must agree to and sign a general release. Junior riders must have parents or legal guardians present who must also agree to and sign the general release.

All bikes must be in good working order. All bikes must be equipped with at least one friction brake. Any modifications made to bikes deemed by the officials to be unsafe or grant an unfair advantage are prohibited.

Racers will be given a starting time. In most cases starting interval will be one minute, but may be shortened to 30 seconds for large fields. Racers are required to start at their prescribed starting time. If they miss their starting slot the officials have the option of rescheduling the starting slot or keeping the prescribed start time.

For Eddy Merckx class: The basic rule is if you have to ask, it’s not allowed. Wheels must be a maximum of 50mm in depth. No solid discs allowed. No aero bars allowed, either standard or clip on. If a helmet is advertised as an aero helmet it is not allowed. No skin suits, speed suits or tri suits allowed. A jersey / shirt is required. No shoe covers are allowed. Hybrid helmets may be permitted as long as they provide sufficient cooling ports. No face shields permitted.

Previous Results

2014 Charity Classic Results

2014 Charity Classic Results

2013 2nd Annual Cowbell Classic Results

2013 2nd Annual Cowbell Classic Results

2012 Results for the First Annual Cowbell Classic

USA Cycling Time Trial Series

The official 2014 brochure for the Tuesday Night Time Trial Series, operated under the USA Cycling rules and insurance

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