Mid-Year Meeting

Mid-Year Meeting
Mid-Year Meeting

Our mid-year meeting is scheduled for July 11th, 7pm at Ocean Sun Brewing at the corner of Curry Ford Road and Crystal Lake Drive.

We have quarterly meetings to review team and individual progress, and to plan the next quarter events, outings and get togethers.

Here is a proposed agenda:
Old Business
Three CFL Time Trials have been completed
Five Airport Time Trials have been completed
Florida Polytechnic Time Trials aren’t doing so great
Scoring for overall is now based on age groups only.
new kits – changes coming in second run

Upcoming Events
Airport TTs – 3rd Tuesday until October
Trip to Dahlonega – Julie
Lake Louisa series – 3 more races in August
Mountain bike update
Next Meeting 2nd Wednesday in October – the 10th

Current Sponsors
Employernomics – Cash
Kyles Bikes Shops – service and discounts
Ocean Sun Brewing
Nutrishop Tampa 10% discount
Natalie’s Juice has backed off

Team Progress
Go around the room
#KBS5525 update
JT’s awards

Samaritan Resource Center on E 50
EOCF? Craig Allen will be project manager. Course design Josh? Scoring and Timing JT and Tom McNeill
Possibility of the second day (Sunday) being State Championships
Central Florida Velodrome Project – See what Lexus is doing in Detroit!