“Off” Sunday Time Trials

“Off” Sunday Time Trials
“Off” Sunday Time Trials

11 riders came out to try a time trial on Sunday April 15th, at 8am.

Although we were being timed, we were not competing with each other. The Time Trial is often called “The Race of Truth”, since it is just you and your machine vs. the road and the clock.

All but one (your author) had never done a time trial before, or indeed any kind of race.

It was a great experience.

These results only matter for your next time trial. Even the “slowest” time wins, automatically beating everyone that didn’t show up.

“In cycling, even if you finish last, you win!”

Regular Series
There will be three “series” throughout the year – Fall-Winter, Spring and Summer. The Fall-Winter seasons are combined because this is when Sunday events are scheduled in the Florida area (due to favorable temperatures for longer rides) and we will not compete with those events.

Fall Winter – September thru Feb
Spring – March thru May
Summer – June thru August

August 15th Standings of 2012 Summer Series

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