Rider Profile: Brooke Botterill

Rider Profile:  Brooke Botterill
Rider Profile: Brooke Botterill

Brooke-at-UniversalToday your author is pleased to be joined by one of our KBS Katz, Miss Brooke Botterill. Brooke is a cat 4 in the 35 year old racing group. She hails from Baltimore, MD. She has a masters degree in Environmental Biology and is a staff scientist at E Sciences, an environmental engineering firm in downtown Orlando. Recently, she and her bofriend Alex Carmona have joined the team. They live in Hunter’s Creek along with three cats.

ORR: So Brooke, how did you get started in racing?

It’s funny actually. I ran in to Henry Willis after a ride with friends out in Clermont. We always start and finish at Killarney Station. As you know, the last 3 miles are on the West Orange Trail in to the Killarney Trailhead. I have this practice, habit really, of not leaving anything in the tank, so I always burn it up those last 3 miles. Anyway after the ride Henry introduced himself to me and suggested I look in to racing. I didn’t put much stock in it but I thanked him for the compliment. Then a couple months later I was in a Lakemont group ride and ran in to Heidi Centauri and she said the same thing. She even gave me Christy’s (Christy Markel, the Katz Team Captain) info. So I called Christy and the rest is history.

Brooke doing calisthenics on her bike at Pinella's Park

Brooke doing calisthenics on her bike at Pinella’s Park

ORR: History? Let’s get some history. What was your first race?

Last year at Pinella’s Park. Just had my “Race-a-versary” two weeks ago. Last year I finished 3rd out of a field of about 15. This year I was in the pack, so I’m not thrilled about that. I like to do better, not worse. That motivates me for next year.

ORR: Is that your goal? What are your goals?

Not anything specific bit yes, I like to improve and do better over each course, event or location each t ime. I’m always looking for new challenges and events. I did Six-Gap twice, and even though I was saying to myself “This is Stupid” (because it is, beating myself up going over these hills) I finished each time. Best time was 7:40 ish riding time. (Author’s note: Six Gap is a grueling 100+ mile ride over six mountain gaps in northern Georgia. Most of these climbs were previously featured in the now defunct pro cycling race: Tour of Georgia.(

Recently I did Road Titans. That had to be my low moment mentally. Halfway through day one I was asking myself “Why am I here? Why am I doing this? I can’t do this.” I couldn’t let myself quit though, I had to finish what I started. I refused to quit.

Tracy-Brooke-road-titans-2015(author’s note: We are familiar with Road Titans because of our association with The Cycling Chick Tracy Draper The triple century Road Titans 300, a three day ride, goes over nasty hills in South Carolina )

ORR: So you do road races. Any other disciplines?

I’m putting a lot of effort in to Time Trials (TTs). Going to the state TT this weekend. I’ve done five TTs so far. Best finish was 2nd at Chain of Lakes. (Edit: See addendum at the bottom of the article.)

ORR: So how did you get started cycling?

My parents were weekend warriors back in Westminster, MD. I started riding with them. They didn’t race, but had decent road bikes. My first road bike was a steel Trek with down tube shifters. I rode it until 2012 when I got my first carbon frame, a Fuji Altimira. Now I’m riding a Giant TCR.

ORR: Do you have a coach?

Not a licensed coach no, but I get help from Alex.

ORR: What metrics do you monitor?

HR only. No power. Really I don’t even watch the HR much. I just ride until my heart is bursting out of my chest.

ORR: Have you looked at any other racing types, like MTB or Cyclocross?

Oh no I’m not graceful enough for those sports and I’m afraid I’d hurt myself. I’m too clumsy.

ORR: Clumsy?

Oh yeah I’ve had some clumsy moments. One time on a Lake Nona ride we were all stopped. Stopped mind you. Not riding, stopped in a group. The girl next to me lost her balance and fell away from me to her right. For no explicable reason, unless perhaps it was a “sympathy fall” I fell over to my left. Yeah I’m clumsy.

ORR: We’ve all had our clumsy moments 🙂 OK let’s get on to the real questions. The serious stuff that all the enquiring minds

want to know: Ross, Joey or Chandler?

Chandler, because Joey is too dumb and Ross is too stuck up.

ORR: (Laughing) OK, should guys shave or go the full Chewbacca?

The more aero the better!

ORR: Clinchers or tubulars?

I’ve always used clinchers.

ORR: Toilet paper, over or under?

Always over. Yes, I have been known to switch it when I’m somewhere else!

The KBS Katz at last year's Cowbell Classic team time trial

The KBS Katz at last year’s Cowbell Classic team time trial

ORR: OK we’ll keep you out of our bathroom then (laughing). So what is your favorite thing about being on the KBS Katz team?

Aside from the diversity, this is a no pressure, fun group of girls that like to ride. We keep a sense of humor and don’t take ourselves too seriously.

ORR: Anything else? What did I miss? Have any pet peeves?

Yes I do. Sometimes in group rides guys I don’t even know will come alongside and try to “help me out” by giving me a push. It’s not something I want from strangers. It’s always the creepy guys, too.

ORR: Well you point them out to me next time and we’ll have a talk with them.

Thanks I appreciate it. I know this team has my back.

ORR: I think we hit everything Brooke. Thank you for joining us and coming over for an in person interview.

Glad to help and thanks for the home brewed beer! It’s excellent 🙂 When are you going to host a team meeting here?

ORR: Soon! We need to do that.

Update: April 3rd

ORR: We’re pleased to announce that Brooke is now the Florida State TT champion for Women’s 20K.

Brooke on the podium with teammate Lauren Chandler (holding the world famous Podium Puppy Koa)

Brooke on the podium with teammate Lauren Chandler (holding the world famous Podium Puppy Koa)

"Introducing Florida State TT Championship (Women's cat 4, 20K):  Miss Brooke Botterill"

“Introducing Florida State TT Championship (Women’s cat 4, 20K): Miss Brooke Botterill”