Rider Profile: Ryan Seebeck

Rider Profile:  Ryan Seebeck
Rider Profile: Ryan Seebeck

Ryan-at-thebeachToday we feature one of our”young guns”. Ryan joined us this year after riding with Winter Springs Cycling for a year.

ORR: Ryan please tell us how you got started in racing.

I used to do a lot of running events and bought a bike for triathlons. I realized I like cycling more and sort of transitioned in to racing because some of my friends did it.

ORR: Was there a particular health goal in mind?

Eh no, I’ve always been in to endurance sports such as running etc and I’m just trying to stay where I’m at. Five years ago I would have said I cycle just to offset unhealthy eating and drinking beer.

ORR: I think many of us would agree with that analysis. Tell us about your personal situation, that you’d like share. We know you’re married …

Twiggy Seebeck

Twiggy Seebeck

Married to a beautiful wife (Katherine) and no children. Live in Oviedo. We have a really loud cat named Twiggy.

ORR: I notice many of us are cat people (me included). Not sure why that is. So tell us, when was your first race and how did you do?

My first race was actually the ORR time trial on Innovation Way a couple years ago, I think it was your very last one. I finished first in Eddy Merckx I believe but that might have been out of two people.

ORR: That’s how it happens sometimes. Now you know why we changed venues. What other disciplines are you racing now?

I pretty well train for time trials but I’ve done a few road races as well.

Last year I did about 8 to 10 races, 2 of them were road races.

ORR: Which road races?

I did Chain of Lakes and one other I can’t remember.

ORR: Tell us about your journey to joining Team Kyle’s Bike Shop (and please forget that I know some of it)

Really it was just about riding with a few of the team members in the past few years, one of which I am good friends with, Russell Ray. He asked me to talk to Kyle and consider joining the team. I met with Kyle at the shop and had a great discussion about how he runs the team, the overall goals of the team and I really liked “the vibe” of the team as opposed to other teams, and that sat with me very well.

ORR: When we first met you, as you stated before, you were riding a road bike in TTs. How far have you come in your addiction?

Ryan during Vuelta a Puerto Rico

Ryan during Vuelta a Puerto Rico

[laughs] after riding several thousand miles last year I didn’t think I’d go much farther but this year I started out riding the Vuelta a Puerto Rico with the support of my wife and have been training harder ever since. Luckily she supported me in purchasing a beautiful Giant Trinity TT bike from Kyle’s. And of course now I have the skin suit, shoe covers, aero TT helmet and I guess I’ve gotten so serious, it finally happened, I shaved the legs so I’m serious here.

ORR: You’re getting ahead of me. OK back on track, who is your coach or trainer?

I really don’t have one. I lean on several riders whose opinion I trust and value. They’ve provided support and tips.

ORR: Well judging by your improving times, it’s working. Anything else you can attribute that to?

Several of my friends have asked me that same question this year and I actually attribute that to buying a TT bike and riding in an aggressive position more comfortably.

ORR: What’s in the future for Ryan Seebeck. Any goals you are shooting for? Any records?

At the Airport TT

At the Airport TT

My major goal this year on the TT bike is to do the 40K course in under an hour. Based on a few TTs I should be able to meet that goal.

ORR: That’s a great goal! OK Last question before we get in to the serious stuff: What would you advise someone who was just getting started in racing?

Depending on the type of racing my general advice would be to know your limits, not exceed them, ride safe and leave what you have out on the course.

ORR: OK now the serious questions: Monica, Rachel or Phoebe?

Eh, I go with Rachel just because that’s Jennifer Aniston.

ORR: OK we know this but I’ll ask it anyway, shaved legs or the full Chewbacca?

Shaving wise – just the legs.

ORR: Clinchers or tubulars?

Clinchers, that’s what I’m used to.

ORR: Toilet paper over or under?

Over. Without a doubt.

ORR: OK anything else you want to say to the world?

I am really glad to be on the KBS team this year, it has been a great experience so far.

ORR: OK Ryan, thank you for taking the time to talk to us today.

You rock man, Appreciate it!

Ryan and Katherine

Ryan and Katherine