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This and several other designs are available at

This and several other designs are available at

2015 Cycling Jersey – approved for USA Cycling events

Club jerseys from various years.

Club jerseys from various years.


These are available (to order) now

Below is a PayPal form to order a cycling jersey. They are ordered in lots of 15, so expect a longer delivery time. Please specify your size.

They tend to run a little small. If you wear a Large t-shirt you probably need to order XL.

Your purchase is considered a charitable donation to the non-profit. All realized income from club clothing goes directly to charity.

Costs associated are: jersey purchase from Biking Things, shipping, PayPal charges

Order a Club Cycling JerseyJT-KT-front


Order Club Cycling Bib ShortsJWT-bib


Order Standard Club ShortsJT-KT-back


2013 Tri and Skin Suits- approved for USA Cycling and USA Triathlon events

These also run small. You may consider ordering 2 sizes larger than normal.

Order a club Tri-suit (colors same as jersey)


Order a club Skin-Suit (colors same as jersey)

Sleeve length