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Cat One Fitness

Cat One Fitness - Bike FittingCat One Fitness is an associate sponsor. Owner Adam Baskin offers a $25 discount to all club members for a custom bicycle fitting.

Baskin is known throughout Central Florida as one of the best bike fitters in the business. Let’s listen to some clients:

“Adam reminded me that the best time to get fitted is before buying the new bike I wanted” John Tenney tells us, “which is why I went to him before buying the wrong time trial bike. Adam was able to show me that my body measurements would not have fitted on the bike I was looking at. He directed me towards a bike that would be easier to fit, and also showed me how to make adjustments as I became more comfortable on the bike. His system also supplied me with several PDF files which have my optimum bike measurements stored.”

Getting-Fitted-for-Time-Trial-bike by Cat One FItness

Adam Baskin adjusts John Tenney’s new Time Trial bike in the Cat One Fitness studio on Corrine Drive in Orlando

From the Cat One Fitness website:

“As a biomechanist/exercise physiologist, I perform many gait and motion analysis on numerous cyclists and multi-sport athletes. Many of their injuries are a result of an inadequate cycling mechanics and fit. When a bike fit is required, there is no one better at bike fitting and mechanics than Adam Baskin. Adam’s numerous certifications and fitting techniques make him one of the most sought after bike specialists in the nation. Additionally, Adam is a masters degree exercise physiologist and adds his expertise in the physiological adaptations necessary to allow the cyclist to perform at the highest level. Adam is part of my team of specialists I refer to when bike fits are part of the corrective cure for cyclists’ sports injury.”

Chuck Wolf, MS, FAFS
Human Motion Associates
Orlando, Florida

“Adam has been bike fitting me for over 10 years. I’ve got two bad discs in my lower back, but I rarely (if ever) have back pain related to riding…no neck or knee pain for that matter. He’s very knowledgeable in anatomy and cycling equipment, and he combines that expertise with the real world needs and restrictions of his clients.”

Darren Marsh, Category 2 Cyclist

“Working with Adam has been an absolute pleasure. No matter what bike or issue I have came to him with, he always had the right answers. Thanks to his expertise I’ve had pain free success and efficiency at the UCI level. I would highly recommend any level of cyclist to take the time and work with Adam because the proper fit is better than a new bike!”

Garrett White, Category 1 Cyclist

“Adam Baskin is a highly competitive racer with a M.S. in Exercise Physiology. This background combined with his extensive experience makes him one of the very best! Adam has provided bike fitting services for me, my clients and friends for close to 10 years and I highly recommend him for anyone. Unlike many fitters, he actually understands what the numbers mean, how the body functions and the biophysical implications of positioning. In my opinion, a professional bike fit is the single most important thing in bike riding and Adam Baskin is a rock star when it comes to fitting.”

Errol Kalayci, Competitive Triathlete and coach for LifeSport Coaching