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Rider Profile:  Pat Jennings
Rider Profile: Pat Jennings

Today we feature one of our most “senior” riders. We’ve been proud to have Pat Jennings on our team since 2013. In 2015, when ORR transitioned over to Team Kyle’s Bike Shop, Pat was glad to come along and has been a valuable contributor ever since. He is primarily a time trialist, that is, he participates in the solo event,

Should I Join A Cycling Team?
Should I Join A Cycling Team?

You attended your first USA Cycling race and noticed something. You saw a bunch of riders in the same kits and working together. You didn’t expect to see teamwork at the entry level. “Teams? Wow, nobody told me.” Author John Will Tenney’s personal experience: “I started going to some Time Trials and noticed a lot of guys wearing the same