Florida Track Records

Florida Track Records

Currently, the Florida Bicycle Racing Association (FBRA) does not maintain state records for track cycling. We hope that will change soon. In the interim, we will post the current track records here as best we can.

Florida Track Records

The table below if for one hour record attempts, successes and failures. Only one hour records. Other distances will not be maintained in chronological order. Again, this is not an official records keeping site (yet.) However, we are willing to do it until an official ruling body steps in and takes over. Please contact us if you see any errors or omissions.

Florida One Hour Record Attempts

Date Rider Age Status Location km/miles Make/Model Gearing
May 13, 2017 John Will Tenney 60 Inaugural Record Brian Piccolo Velodrome 31.7/19.65 Giant Omnium 48×15
July 8, 2017 Jonathan Hale 32 Prevented (rain)1 Brian Piccolo Velodrome Rained Out Felt TK FRD 51×15
July 29, 2017 (unknown rider) 17 Crashed after 30 minutes, unable to continue1 Brian Piccolo Velodrome 16.71/10.02 ??? ??

1Brian Piccolo Velodrome is an uncovered track in Pembroke Pines, FL

  • John Will Tenney in the inaugural attempt

You’ll have to expand this to see it completely, and there is a typo in the spreadsheet, but this is the latest track record sheet from It was last updated in 2018.

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