USA Triathlon Club

USA Triathlon Club
USA Triathlon Club

We are official now! As of December 7, 2016, we have started a club called “Orlando Runners and Riders” with USA Triathlon.

Who is on the Team?

As of right now we have:
John Tenney
Randy Durkee
Luis Lora
Gabrielle Suver
Darren Hill

We expect other members to be joining shortly.

Who is Welcome to Join the Team?

Any member of Orlando Runners and Riders is welcome! We are primarily a beginner to intermediate group, but will have a few “elites” around as well.

How Do I Join?

If you are a member of USA Triathlon and our club, when you renew you can select our club as your USAT club. See one of our board members for more information.

We will be scheduling training events and group attendance at races at our next meeting. We will also be creating a new design for Tri-suits.

You may join Orlando Runners and Riders by using the form below. Please send $25 dues via PayPal, Friends and Family, to office @