CFL Cycling LIVE!

CFL Cycling LIVE!

Every Monday night, at 7pm ET, we host a Facebook LIVE show on Central Florida Cycling.

Viewers can tune in on Facebook, and in many cases can join us using the ZOOM app (or website).

It is a one hour conversation on the local, and sometimes international, cycling scene. Of course in July, we can’t resist talking about the Tour de France.

Our sponsors are featured early and often throughout the show. We are always looking for more sponsors, of course.

The show is currently viewed by 10-15 people live, with about 250 who watch it later. We expect these numbers to rise as we get more well known special guests.

The hosts vary but it is usually a subset of the following:

John Tenney
James Scianimanico
Mike LaMarca
Eddie Patterson
Thomas McNeill
JP Russo

Special guests are picked from various “local legends” among the Florida Cycling scene.

Adam Baskin of Cat One Fitness joins us on a recent show

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If you are interested in participating in our show as a guest or a sponsor, please contact us using the form below:

CFL Cycling LIVE!

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