Florida Half Marathon 10K 5K

Florida Half Marathon 10K 5K
Florida Half Marathon 10K 5K

NTC-10John Tenney had the opportunity to volunteer as a “Bike Lead” at the Florida Half Marathon – 10K – 5K road/trail race at Lake Louisa State Park on November 16, 2013. Here is his account:

“I was invited to help out by Jami Bishop, of the National Training Center. You may know here from the Clermont Short Course practice cyclocross/mountain bike series we attended during the summer. Since it was the day before the Horrible Hundred I figured it would be a nice, easy ride as the 5K Bike Lead. I was in for a surprise.

The leader of the 5K race was pulling off 5:30 miles, which I could ride along with no problem on the road, but was a different story on the rather sandy trails. Several times I had to scramble to get back out in front of him. He did not know the course either. Fortunately I was able to make it to the finish ahead of him. I also brought my camera along, and I am getting used to snapping pictures with one hand while riding. Some of them are a little blurry but hey, I am no professional!

The professional photos will be up soon at VWPIX, taken by Vernon Wennerstrom.

The link below takes you to our Facebook page where I uploaded all of my photos (that were not too blurry) to an album.”

Photo Album