Supporting JP Russo

Supporting JP Russo
Supporting JP Russo

Many of you know JP (John Paul) Russo, owner / operator of JPR Mobile Services, cyclocross racer and all around good guy. Recently he was setting up a course for a charity ride in east central Florida, and was hit by a car.

His insurance paid most of his medical bills, but no dental coverage, and no provision for physical therapy (PT).

We (as a group) decided to set up a program to raise money for JP for his dental bills and PT. To date we have raised just under $500.

Once a month, JP appears a guest on our weekly “Central Florida Cycling LIVE!” show, (on our Facebook page, every Monday night at 7pm ET), to bring us up to date on his progress.

He is still very much in debt, and we are still trying to raise funds to help him back to health. He has started working again, and has started riding, but he is still about $20,000 behind.

He would very much appreciate it if you could support him. If you use our “Donate!” button, the PayPal for our sponsor company, Stenn Solutions, Inc dba EmployerNomics, will come up with an option to donate. If you specify in the notes that you want to money to go to “JP Russo Fund” we will make sure it does, and send you a giving statement at the end of the year.